Ocular Tumors

What is Ocular Tumors?

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Ocular tumors are tumors inside the eye. They do not occur frequently, but when they do, they will often grow on the coloured part of the eye, called the iris, or in the back of the eye. Left untreated, ocular tumors can not only threaten your vision, but also your life. Most ocular tumors do not show symptoms in the beginning but symptoms will appear as the tumor grows. Early diagnosis and proper treatment are essential in treating ocular tumors.


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What are the symptoms of Ocular Tumors

The symptoms of ocular tumors vary according to the type of tumor and the position of the tumor within the eye and may include:

  • blurry vision
  • distorted vision
  • blind spots
  • decreased side vision
  • white pupils
  • strabismus
  • red eye
  • eye pain
  • acute complete vision loss


Ocular Tumors  

Normal vision vs. Ocular Tumors


What to expect from Ocular Tumors

There are many treatments available for ocular tumors. These may range from laser therapy or radiotherapy to removal of the tumor or, in extreme cases, of the entire eye depending on the size, type and location of the tumor.


More information about Ocular Tumors

There is extensive information available about ocular tumors. The information included is intended to inform you about the basics of this eye condition, and is not intended as a replacement for information from your physician or eye specialist. Information regarding assistive devices that can help you if you have been diagnosed with ocular tumors is included. Our recommendations can be found under Tools and Resources.

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