Changes in the ClearView+ Monitor Assortment

November 26, 2012: In the coming months there will be several changes in the ClearView+ monitor assortment. These changes follow the general trend that widescreen matte monitors became the industry standard. Depending on the incoming orders the following changes will imply within a few months.

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FarView No Longer Available

September 21, 2012: With the FarView being introduced in 2009, today Optelec will need to announce the end of the FarView success story.

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Now Available: Compact 7 HD

September 19, 2012: The Compact 7 HD is the latest addition to the Optelec Compact HD product family, combining portability with a large, 7-inch widescreen. The first production units of the new Optelec Compact 7 HD are now available.

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Ready For Shipping: The New ClearView+ 24-inch High Definition Monitor

June 21, 2012: Optelec announces the availability of the new ClearView+ 24-inch HD monitor. This special monitor completes the ClearView+ into a full High Definition video magnifier providing more overview and excellent image quality.

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Multiple award-winning ClearReader+

December 1, 2011: ClearReader+ wins the Silmo d'OR low vision and IF design awards

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NEW! ALVA Braille Controller series

July 1, 2010: Whilst many Braillists access information and e-mail through a Braille Display or Braille Notetaker, the ALVA Braille Controller is the first such design combining a display and notetaker in a single device.

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ClearView+ featured on

February 4, 2010:

Connie Culp, America's first face transplant patient is a user of the Optelec ClearView+.

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Compact+ wins an Independent Living Design Award

November 19, 2007: Optelec were presented with an Independent Living Design Award for the Compact+ at the 90th Anniversary British Healthcare Trades Association Awards Ceremony.

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