What does an electronic video magnifier bring to a child?

Sight Savers America and Optelec have partnered over the last few years to provide free MultiView Electronic Video Magnifiers to children with low vision. Sight Savers America is a nonprofit organization that assists children with obtaining eye exams, eyeglasses, low vision aids and other eye care treatments so that each child achieves his or her best vision.

One hundred and twelve children received the MultiView in their home. This product uses a camera to magnify text and objects close-by or far away. A one year follow-up parental survey was performed. For those parents responding to the survey, 63 of 65 children demonstrated an increased reading performance and 81 of 81 children demonstrated improved school grades. We are proud to present the results of this collaborative effort and the video of a child whose life was dramatically improved.

These results can best be understood by observing individual children using their MultiView.

Eight year-old Laci received a MultiView in San Antonio, Texas. After a few weeks, she could read much faster and do her homework more easily. Find out how well she’s doing in the following video:

We hope you have been inspired by our partnership with Sight Savers America. For more information on their programs have a look at their website or watch the video below:  

Feb 11, 2015

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