Optelec supports FORCE in Africa

In Africa, the number of visually impaired people is growing because of sickness, poverty and lack of knowledge about eye conditions and how to handle them. FORCE provides blind and visually impaired children and adults with tools so they can read and learn. Just like Optelec, FORCE wants to make printed texts accessibly for the blind and visually impaired. Adults should be able to follow the news and access information. Children should be able to read school books and Harry Potter.

Every child has the right to education. With the help of FORCE, a dorm has been built for the Illulaschool in Eldoret (Kenia), where visually impaired children can stay. It’s their intention for this school to become this area’s center of activities for visually impaired people.

Optelec supports this project. We have donated FarViews to the Illulaschool. The FarView* is a portable video magnifier that can be used to read texts far away and up close. Because of these reading aids, children have better access to education, so they get the chance to learn and build an independent living.

About FORCE 
FORCE is a Dutch organization that reaches out to visually impaired children and adults by providing them the right tools to read. FORCE supports projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Russia and Europe. 

* The FarView is no longer  available.  



May 13, 2015

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