Optelec Prize Draw winners

(Updated - September 30th, 2013)
The April/May/June 2013 prize draw for an Optelec Compact mini was won by Mr Lack of Shropshire.


Mrs Linch from Harrogate(Updated - May 13, 2013)
The January/February/March 2013 prize draw for an Optelec Compact mini was won by Mrs Linch from Harrogate. "I have never won anything before. This is super!".



Mr Proctor wins the Compact mini as presented by Optelecs Mark Silver(Updated - May 10, 2012)
The October/November/December prize draw for an Optelec Compactmini was won by Mr Proctor from Leeds. "I already have the Compact+ which works really well, but my new Compactmini is so neat and portable, it just slides into my pocket".


(Updated - April 3, 2012)

The July/August/September prize draw for an Optelec Compactmini was won by a lady from Lichfield.


Mr McMillan receiving the Compact mini from Mark Silver(Updated - September 21, 2011)
The April/May/June-2011 prize draw for an Optelec Compactmini was won by Mr Alan Mcmillan from Edinburgh. "This will be great to read my Classic Car magazine, which my son buys for me at Christmas and which I have previously been unable to read."


(Updated - December 16, 2010)
The April/May-2010 prize draw was won by a lady from Bilston in the West Midlands, and uses the Optelec Compactmini (using one of the semi-colour modes) for reading newspapers and nutritional information found on tinned foods which quite often appears in small print and is difficult to read.


Mr Hussain being presented with his Compact mini by Optelecs Mark Silver(Updated - October 11, 2010)
The bi-monthly prize draw winner for the Optelec Compactmini for June/July-2010 was won by Mr Hussain of Bradford. Mr Hussain entered the prize draw whilst attending the Sight Village exhibition in Birmingham.




Mis Parshotam receives the Optelec Compact mini from Peter Skipper(Updated - May 21, 2010)
Optelec attended two Macular Society (MS) Conferences in Edinburgh (May 7th) and London (April 17th) and held dedicated prize draws at each event. The 'Optelec prize draw' at the MS London 'Working Age Members' Conference was won by Miss Krupali Parshotam. Rather than receive the Compactmini prize, Miss Parshotam opted to pay the additional cost to have the Compact+, offering a larger 4.3-inch screen. Miss Parshotam commented, "the Compact+ will be a great help in reading for my University Degree. Also it will help me in my interest in cooking, for reading small-print receipe instructions".

The MS Edinburgh Conference 'Optelec prize draw' was won by Ms Christina Kerr.


Optelec Compact mini presented by Peter Skipper to was won by the Rehabilitation Team at Peterborough Sensory Support Service(Updated - April 28, 2010)
The bi-monthly prize draw for the Optelec Compactmini for February/March-2010 was won by a Rehabilitation Team Member for Peterborough Sensory Support Service (PSSS) who commented, "the Compactmini video magnifier will be used by all the team when they visit visually impaired clients that the team has contact with. PSSS hold a Communications Group for local visually impaired people to raise awareness of Braille, Moon and low vision devices, so the Compactmini will be displayed at these groups meetings.

PSSS is part of Peterborough Community Services which work as part of a local visual impairment forum in that includes Peterborough Association for the Blind, RNIB, Action for Blind People, DIAL, Peterborough Macular Disease Society local group and Guide Dogs for the Blind.


(Updated - March 25, 2010)
Optelec attended the VIEW Conference, an event for teachers and education professionals involved in teaching visually impaired pupils and students. The Compactmini was offered by Optelec in a dedicated free prize draw for delegates of the conference. Congratulations to Sue Crook from the Bolton Sensory Support Service who was delighted to receive the Compactmini and commented, "I can think of just the child this would be great for."


A lady from Witney in Oxfordshire has won a Compactmini in the December-2009/January-2010 free prize draw and plans to use it whilst shopping in the supermarket to view packaging details in-store, and fabric labels to identify the material and size of clothing.


The November-2009 free Compactmini prize draw was won by Mrs Sylvia Johnson from Huddersfield. Mrs Johnson commented that the Compactmini is "brilliant". A Compact+ was won in the October-2009 free prize draw by a lady from Bishop Stortford.


Optelec attended the Macular Society Conference on Saturday, 19 September, 2009 in London and offered a Compactmini in a free prize draw, exclusively to the delegates in attendance. The prize draw winner was a member from Staines and is very pleased with the Compactmini and finds it particularly useful for shopping.


The August-2009 free Compact+ prize draw was won by a gentleman that attended an Optelec Day at the Thomas Pockington Trust in Stourbridge. This gentleman was happy to confirm that, "the Compact+ has allowed me to rediscover my enjoyment of literature and maps."


In the previous month of July 2009, the free Compact+ prize draw was won by a private individual from Goring, West Sussex who met Alex Dugard of Optelec at the Worthing Society for the Blind. The winner considered the offer of a free Compact+ or a £400 discount on the Traveller+ and, after trying both products, selected the Compact+.


The Optelec June 2009 free Compact+ prize draw was won by Inverness-based Sight Action, supporting blind and partially sighted people in the Highlands and Western Isles. Staff of Sight Action attended an exhibition in Dingwall and entered the Optelec draw. Mr John Gill, General Manager of Sight Action commented, "We are delighted to have won the Compact+ pocket video magnifier which will be made available to visually impaired people across the region."


The new Compactmini pocket video magnifier was launched in the UK at the Birmingham Sight Village exhibition in July 2009. This follows the launch of the best-selling Compact+ pocket video magnifier, which first appeared in the UK at the Birmingham Sight Village exhibition in July 2007. In November of the same year, an Independent Living Design Award was presented to Optelec in recognition of the innovation of the Compact+.

Sep 30, 2013

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