Enhanced Vision join the Vispero Group

“Our employees are energized by the opportunity that results from this merger, and we are eager to start working together to deliver market-leading solutions, training, and support to the broadest audience of assistive technology users,” said Tom Tiernan, CEO of Vispero.

The combined company will retain the individual Enhanced Vision, Freedom Scientific, and Optelec brands and product portfolio as we thoroughly and thoughtfully work together during the integration process, carefully recognizing the anticipated customer benefits.

About Enhanced Vision

Enhanced Vision is a leading worldwide provider of assistive technology products for those with vision impairments. Since its inception in 1996, Enhanced Vision has brought many of the industry’s most innovative assistive technologies to the market. Today our product portfolio is considered one of the most diverse and reliable on the market.

Enhanced Vision is headquartered in Huntington Beach, CA with offices in Germany and the UK. The Company’s products are available in more than 50 countries. For more information, please visit https://www.enhancedvision.com

Jun 20, 2018

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