NEW! ALVA Braille Controller series

ALVA BC640 with Feature Pack for Braille inputOptelec, makers of award-winning low vision and Braille solutions, launch the ALVA Braille Controller series in the UK.

Whilst many Braillists access information and e-mail through a Braille Display or Braille Notetaker, the ALVA Braille Controller is the first such design combining a display and notetaker in a single device.

Designed as a Braillist’s remote control for mainstream devices such as a PC or Smartphone, the ALVA Braille Controller series offers the very best access to information and communication.

Connect an ALVA Braille Controller to a PC or Smartphone and enjoy using mainstream applications including e-mail, word processing and Internet, using a preferred screen-reader.  What’s more, Hal, SuperNova and JAWS screen-readers can be installed to the ALVA Braille Controller allowing the Braillist to ‘hot desk’ between PCs, without having to find a designated ‘special’ machine.

ALVA BC640 connected to an Apple MacBook

Fans of the Apple Mac, iPad and iPhone can gain instant access using the ALVA Braille Controller without having to purchase a separate screen-reader.  Every such Apple product comes complete with the VoiceOver screen-reader built-in, and you can be up and running in a flash.

ALVA Braille cells are the very best of their kind available.  Their reliability is ‘second-to-none’, whilst the resistance of each pin (8 per cell) is ultra-consistent when pressure is applied by a Braillist’s fingers during reading.

Additional controls are intelligently placed around the ALVA Braille Controller to assist with control and navigation.  Cursor routing buttons are ergonomically placed beneath (rather than above) each Braille cell, and the all-important thumb keys make continuous reading so much easier.

ALVA Braille Controllers are available in 40 and 80 cell models.

Jul 01, 2010

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