Changes in the ClearView+ Monitor Assortment

Phasing out the 17-inch and 19-inch ClearView+ monitors

The ClearView+ 17-inch and 19-inch monitors will be obsolete in about two months. After the phase out of the low-cost 19-inch ClearView+ monitor, these two models with standard aspect ratio will be removed from the available module list too due to the shift of the market and component suppliers to widescreen monitors.

ClearView+ 22-inch monitor with new matte LED display

We are glad to inform you that the ClearView+ 22-inch monitor will be produced with a high-quality LED display. This display will have a matte finish; the appearance of the monitor, its article number and its price will stay unchanged. Monitors with the new 22-inch LED display will be delivered from the beginning of 2013, after the current monitor stock is used up.   After the implementation of the above mentioned changes all ClearView+ monitors will be widescreen with a matte finish. The remaining monitor models will be:
- ClearView+ 18.5" monitor with Flexible Arm
- ClearView+ 22" monitor with Ultra Flexible Arm
- ClearView+ 24" monitor with Ultra Flexible Arm


Besides the Optelec monitors, the Flexible Arm will stay available to offer it in combination with a locally purchased off-the-shelf monitor.

Nov 26, 2012

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