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Low vision aids for the visually impaired

There are many products that can assist you if you have some degree of vision loss. On our website you will find a wide range of  products and solutions that can help you perform everyday activities, to maintain your independence and quality of  life. You will find the following main product categories. 


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Electronic Video Magnifiers

Electronic Video Magnifiers are designed to help with reading letters and bank statements received in the post, prepare meals, enjoy hobby and craftwork; the possibilities are endless. Desktop Video Magnifiers can be used at home and work, and some offer the possibility to connect with your PC. Handheld Video Magnifiers are designed to be used on the go.

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Optical Magnifiers

Optelec offers a wide range of Optical Magnifiers enabling you to read more easily. Choose from a wide range of hand, stand, bar, dome and wearable optical products to make reading easier, at home, in the office or on the go.

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Audio Text Readers

For people who find reading tiring, there are solutions that read printed text aloud. Optelec Audio Text Readers are designed to scan and read aloud any printed document using naturally sounding voices. There are more than 60 reading voices available in 30 languages.

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Braille Computer Access

Optelec offers a range of Braille Devices that provide access to any computer, tablet or smartphone. This range of Braille controllers, displays and notetakers can connect easily to your computer, tablet or smartphone giving you the possibility to be independent and flexible at home or within the education or working environment. 

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