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ClearView+ Speech FULL HD Colour 24-inch

Is reading your mail or favorite book too tiresome for you? Use the Optelec ClearView+ Speech to sit back, relax, and listen to any printed documents as they are read aloud. Combining a clear voice with magnification or high contrast makes reading so much easier.

Price:  £4,194.00 (incl.  20%  VAT)

£3,495.00 (excl.  20%  VAT)

The  ClearView+ Speech allows you to enlarge and read at a more comfortable size. When reading becomes too tiring, simply activate the speech feature and enjoy listening to magazine articles, letters and books.

Read long documents with Text-to-Speech
The ClearView+ Speech can instantly convert any printed text into speech, making it possible to have access to information in a way that is most comfortable and easy to you. Especially long texts are now easy to read again. Your reading with the Optelec ClearView+ Speech is made easy with the intuitive Point&Read technology.

Point directly at columns or words with Point & Read
To scroll though documents, swipe with your finger on the 24-inch touch screen and select the text of your interest by  simply pointing at a paragraph, column or word. It is that easy.

See the whole page and navigate quickly
The ClearView+ Speech displays full pages and automatically identifies the document layout. This ensures that you navigate quickly, you always know where you are and never loose your place.

Intuitive controls
Using the ClearView+ is simple and intuitive thanks to the full page overview, automatic layout recognition, use of high contrast colors, special control bar and the large icon menu, all optimized for low vision users.

Store your documents or view your favorite photos
With the ClearReader+ Speech, you have the freedom to save important letters or books or view your digital photos. Store the documents or view your photos on a SD card or on a USB drive and access them when you need them.